IHG® Marketplace is your one-stop shop for ordering goods and services, and has everything your hotel needs to operate at its best - all in a single platform - save on all your hotel needs with globally negotiated prices from more than 150 preferred global suppliers on everything from food and linens to energy, electronics and furniture.

Created with the IHG owner in mind, IHG® Marketplace delivers an easy-to-use ordering platform and leverages the superior global buying power of IHG. Our leading-edge buying platform gives us a leap forward in technology and efficiency for IHG brand Owners and Investors.

IHG® Marketplace brings a robust, global and much more dynamic user experience to drive our IHG ambition to Be #1 for Our Owners, Operators and Management Company teams.

To learn more,

Visit: IHG® Marketplace on Merlin

Email: ihgmarketplace@ihg.com

Call toll-free: 1-800-325-9276

Real Benefits


Preferred brands and IHG Owner preference

Owner Heartbeat

Brand delivery consistency

Responsible Business (BRR)

Ownership / Rigor of supply chain

Accelerate growth through non-competes and program evolution

One-Stop-Shop Web Portal

Dynamic Reporting

Hotel-Managed Order Guides

Order Tracking

Uniformed & leveraged contract pricing

Rebates to Hotels

Drop Size Incentives

Full-time Customer Support

Access IHG Marketplace

Login using your IHG Merlin account

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Our benefits

Features auto-enrollment with no up-front implementation costs

IHG Owner Value; ‘Be #1’ Supporting owner heartbeat & brand delivery consistency

Not-for-profit program; we demonstrate immediate savings and total transparency

Rebates passed directly to Owners (you earned them, you keep them)